ukulele lessons for children

Teaching Ukulele To A Six Year Old Child I’ve undertaken the project of teaching ukulele to my next door neighbour’s six year old daughter. Her name is Sophie and she  is in kindergarten at her local primary school. What I’ve done is taken the Suzuki violin program and adapted it for the ukulele. This is… Read More

Have you considered hiring a ukulele player for your birthday party? How does it work? What could a ukulele player do to enhance your birthday celebrations? I have played at many parties and events over the years and there is something unique that live music brings that makes an  occasion far more memorable.  This comes… Read More


Ukulele Player, Sydney What is the pre-occupation with guitarist/singers? Typically, when a pub hires a solo musician, you see someone sitting on a stool, staring at an ipad playing the same four-chord songs as every other solo musician. What you end up with is the “McDonald’s hamburger” version of pop music. The music is bland… Read More