Reggae Band For Party in Sydney

Reggae is a music style that originated in Jamaica in the 1960’s. It is easily recognizable as a musical style due to the short, heavy accent on the 2nd and 4th beat of the bar played by a chordal instrument, usually the guitar or keyboards. This is usually referred to as the “skank”. Notable reggae […]

The Ukulele – How can 4 strings bring so much joy?

Four strings, Each tuned to a different note, But when played together they can all harmonised with each other so beautifully. This is like a metaphor for a family or a friendship group. Music is like a metaphor for the relationships we have in our lives. If the strings go out of tune, the harmony […]

Sydney Ukulele Player’s Best Tip For Learning Ukulele

If you live in Sydney, then you are surely aware of how terrible the traffic is. Sydney is spread out over 12,367.7 square kilometres with a population of over five million people. Public transport in this town has never been particularly good. This has resulted in the car being the most common means of getting […]

Teaching Ukulele To A Six Year Old Child

ukulele lessons for children

Teaching Ukulele To A Six Year Old Child I’ve undertaken the project of teaching ukulele to my next door neighbour’s six year old daughter. Her name is Sophie and she  is in kindergarten at her local primary school. What I’ve done is taken the Suzuki violin program and adapted it for the ukulele. This is […]

Fun Hobbies You Can Master At Any Age

Fun Hobbies You Can Master at Any Age Guest article by Julie Morris. *(For more on Julie Morris, please refer to her website – ) Many people believe that once they reach a certain age, it’s too late for them to pick up a new hobby or skill. This is unfortunate because learning new things […]

Planning A Christmas Party? – Hire A Ukulele Player

Planning A Christmas Party? – Hire A Ukulele Player There’s no denying that the ukulele puts a smile on people’s faces. So, if you are planning a Christmas Party and you would like to see a lot of people with smiling faces, the best thing you could do would be to hire a ukulele player. […]

Sydney Ukulele Player Plays Katy Perry Songbook

Sydney Ukulele Player Plays The Katy Perry Songbook I’m a big fan of the American singer and song writer Katy Perry. The latest addition to my repertoire list is “Last Friday Night”. This joins three other Katy Perry songs I perform which are “Firework”, “Teenage Dream” and “Hot n Cold”. A typical trait of Katy […]

Ukulele Player For Your Birthday Party

Have you considered hiring a ukulele player for your birthday party? How does it work? What could a ukulele player do to enhance your birthday celebrations? I have played at many parties and events over the years and there is something unique that live music brings that makes an  occasion far more memorable.  This comes […]

3 Indispensable Tips For Learning To Play Ukulele

3 Indispensable Tips For Learning To Play Ukulele These three points are essential for making quick and steady progress when learning to play the ukulele. Build Your Repertoire Slow Down When Practising Break Songs Down Into Smaller Chunks 1. Build Your Repertoire When playing the ukulele – or any instrument – the most fundamental element […]